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Does anybody have this book for rebuilding a TH400?

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  • Does anybody have this book for rebuilding a TH400?

    I decided that I'm going to go with a 4L80E so that I'll have OD and it'll hold up off roading and hauling without worries. Anyways I just traded a TH350 for a TH400 and I'm looking to rebuild and paint it to sell for a few hundred profit. The 4L80E's with around 150k miles are going for around $900, so I'm trying to work that into the budget lol

    Kinda cool but never really thought of myself as a barterer, but I paid either $250 or 350 for a TH400/NP203.. then traded the TH400 for a TH350/NP205.. then traded the TH350 for a TH400. So i guess I got two free transfer cases outta the deal, which I'll be using for a doubler. If anyone needs the extra 203 parts just let me know!

    But as ya'll all know I'm on a tight budget. So if anyone has this $100 book (that I'll probably only use once) they'd be willing to send me, I'll send it back in a couple of weeks along with some beer money or a $30 summit card or something.
    How to Work with and Modify the Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 Transmission (Motorbooks Workshop) [Ron Sessions] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. <DIV>More than 450 photos, detailed drawings, tool lists and charts combine with an information-packed text to provide the most authoritative handbook of its kind! Chapters include: Basic maintenance

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    FYI, the old three speeds aren't as cheap to rebuild as they used to be. My son just rebuilt his TH350. The rebuild kit was cheap, but by the time he bought the worn beyond serviceable and or broken hard parts and a pump, he was into it for well over $500. He was also getting the parts from a wholesaler here in town. The retail of the parts was over double what he was paying.


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      I dropped the pan today to fully drain things. It didn't have many metal shavings in it, but some small chunks. So you suggesting that I just paint it and post it on CL?


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        I would. More profit and less labor. Around here, TH400 goes for about $200-$250 for a core. They're starting to get hard to come by.