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  • What do you get . . .

    When you take the 56" rear leaf springs from a 2500 burb and stick them on the back of a 1/2 ton K5 which originally had 52" rear leaf springs?

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    Ummmm, 4 inches of excess? Time to relocate spring hangers?


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      Yup. Both good observations, neither of which had escaped notice. I am guessing may get some lift and a lot of stiff. May need to play with the number of leaves in the pack to soften it when said and done. Probably get some axle wrap as well. And some other stuff too. Looking for all other stuff as well. Just comments and observations, experience, ideas, impressions or even a good joke.


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        If you're worried about axle wrap from that torquey LS motor, why not just do a anti-wrap bar to begin with. Future problem solved. I'm sure we could come up with a nice custom bent design to fit right in with your plans. Since you're not going hardcore with a doubler, the anti-wrap bar doesn't need to be super duty like something a Caveman might need, but will never the less be functional and flat out cool when someone at the mall looks under to see what's going on.


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          WTF?! You callin' my build a mall queen? If we put anti-wrap on the rear axle, why not just go all the way and put a 4-link and some coil-overs on it as well? Mall queen my ass. I'll be lucky if I ever get it out of the basket case phase before IC engine cars are banned from the road.


          • Sockalaminski
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            Get your 4-link design done and I'll help you fab it up, otherwise, ya, anti-wrap bar is simple, tubing, a couple bushings, a heim, and a shackle. If you design it right, it'll protect your driveshaft while running over the curbs in the parking lot.

          • Duke4az
            Duke4az commented
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            Parking lot curbs my ass. Right now I have trouble getting it to roll down hill over the expansion cracks in the driveway.

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          Shackle flip from DIY4X and swap them from side to side. That fits a 56'' spring swap.
          Anti-wrap is always a good idea on lifted trucks or anything with some torque. Like Mel said, good driveshaft protection too. You never know when you might have to run over a crowd of BLM protesters and if your U-joint breaks in the chaos, you'll be a dead man before you can throw it in 4x4 and lock your hubs to get outta dodge. Not that I've ever given it any thought. Haha. Told a guy at work that is of the African American race, if the BLM protesters get in front of my truck they'll have to rename them black lives splatter because I'm not stopping.