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Types of 14 Bolt rear carriers

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  • Types of 14 Bolt rear carriers

    Thinking a head a little. If you guys were going to build a 14 bolt and upgrade the rear carrier. What would it be and reasons why? My rig will be driven in sand, snow, some mud, two tracking, and pavement.

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    For the 10.5" 14-bolt, carrier choice is pretty limited. The stock G80 GovLoc is fine for street use and light off-road use - when it comes to mud, depends on how you do it. If you do mud runs like Hoss, they will grenade and make a mess out of the axle when you go to replace it. If you are talking about running into some mud in the woods on a trail the seem to do fine.

    At the other end of the spectrum is the Detroit Locker that installs in the open carrier. Really not recommend for street use, especially snow - you rear end will constantly come loose and fishtail even at light throttle. Excellent in mud and gravel and other off-road situations.

    For combined on-road and off-road I would look into a Detroit TruTrac or a Yukon Dura-a-grip with the Yukon being stronger than the TruTrac.

    I am putting a factory G80 GovLoc in my Camper Special because I have one laying around and considering that will spend 99% of the time on pavement it will do the trick. My 1990 is getting a Detroit Locker and that is a dedicated Off-Road Vehicle. If I was keeping the 1977 K20 I would run the Yukon in that, but the stock G80 GovLoc is working great in it.
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      I take it you are talking about a rig that will be street driven on the snow and ice? It seems like you live in snow country. With 14 bolts, as I'm sure you know, you can get just about any kind of diff you want. Myself, I'd stay away from something that's locked. Not the best at road speeds on the slick shit. Limited slip/posi tracs are a little better but not ideal. An ARB would be great but they come with a price tag. I would consider a Gov-Lock. I know, they have a bad name from the 10 bolts and a few 12 bolts that break but you're going to have to try very hard to bust a 14 bolt Gov-Lock. I have one in my 14 bolt and believe me I beat the shit out of it with a 400+ horse big block. Now for the why. A Gov-Lock is an open diff that will lock up. A Detroit is a locked diff that MAY unlock. The Gov-Lock has a neat little device that keeps it from locking over about 30 MPH so it has 'normal' manners on the road on the slick stuff. Out on the trail at slow speed it will lock up as a tire spins. That's it's only problem. You have to spin one tire about 1-2 revolutions to lock. Lock up is smooth as glass and so is unlock. No big bangs like a Detroit. And a big plus is it seems like about 1/3 of the 14 bolts out there have one. Most people look at them as garbage so they don't cost much. Hell, GM still uses them. My D-Max has one.

      Now, if you are building a rig that is more trail than road I'd go Detroit or Grizzly in a stock open carrier.
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        Couldn't have said it better. Street rig with occasional off highway use, stay with the gov loc. Like a wise man once told me, it all boils down to the 80/20 rule.

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      I ran a gov lock in my 14 bolt for a long time. Great road manners and decent offroad. I never really noticed and issue offroad until I got a detroit locker. Holy crap it's better offroad. On road it's a whole different story. While cruising down the highway I can tell when it locks and unlocks and sometimes causes the truck to pull ever so slightly to one side or the other. When I really step on it, it really wags it's tail. I can see how snow would be super sketchy. Since it's no longer my DD I don't have a problem with it

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        You know my thoughts about it.....should have done it before I even delivered it to you!!!


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          I am sure Mark knows how to weld!

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          But it would have been a neat little surprise for him when he opened it up and saw the ORB OF TRACTION!!

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          Yeah Hoss. Glad you didn't do ant butchering on it. There will be no welding inside the rear carrier. LOL