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Carb to TBI conversion

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  • Carb to TBI conversion

    I'm just about finished with the installation of everything in my chassis. The fuel lines are tested, tank mounted, pump installed, and so forth. I'd like to test fire this thing in the next week if at all possible. Does anyone know the bare minimum of what has to be connected to get it running?

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    Your gonna need all the sensors, harness and computer hooked up to run it. Being injected there's no good way to make it work without all the crap. You could just prime your fuel pump and check for leaks. Other than that I would wait until you at least have the tub mounted back on before stringing your harness and a bunch of hot wires all over the place. But you'll prob figure a way and do it anyhow. I just think it might be a waste of time. Carry on.


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      I have to strip the EFI harness out of the '90 harness and repair /re-wrap it. It needs to route differently than the '90. I also want to make sure the exhaust doesn't need more work before the tub goes on.