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  • Fuel Delivery Issues

    My brother is looking at a CUCV 1009 with a 6.2 diesel for his son to drive. In the ad it list that the diesel is having fuel delivery issues, what are the common "issues" they might have? My first thought is injector pump as I know that was a common problem on the Olds diesels.
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    sorry Tom. Didn't mean to leave you hangin. I haven't checked in for a while. Just now getting caught up some.

    Fuel delivery issues, that's a loaded question and only requires more info. Black smoke meaning too much fuel? Can be intake restriction, not enough air as in dirty air filter. Bad injector or injectors with little to no atomization and direct stream of fuel coming past the pintle valve. I wouldn't suspect a faulty injection pump for an overfueling scenario. Not enough fuel, low power? Could mean fuel restriction to pump as in dirty fuel filter, faulty lift pump or suction sock on bottom of sending unit. Could be sucking air, usually associated with hard starting and could be accompanied by small amount of leaking fuel while engine off. The injection pump could be getting weak and or injectors are dirty and not flowing properly. Or could be worn rings not enough compression. they should be 325 PSI or better on compression so don't go screwing your gas engine compression gauge on there with some adapter you threw together to get into glow plug hole.

    With engine running you can crack loose an injection line at injector. See that you have a decent spray coming from injection line to injector. Won't have to loosen up too much to get line to spray. Engine will have a definitive miss when fuel is cut from injector. If you have a good spray and engine miss was detected, do all the injectors (one at a time) and see if one or more doesn't seem to have an effect as much as the others. That'll tell you if you have an injector issue. If you don't have an adequate spray when you relieve injection line ( you'll know- fuel shouldn't just run down the injector, it should spray up between injector line and fitting) then most likely the injection pump is weak. Injectors are like $30/ea exchange, injection pump probably $5-600 exchange. Hope this helps, but its prob too late, you've prob already read more than this online.