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  • Experience with Door Shells

    I need to replace both doors on my 1978 and would like to know what experience some have had with aftermarket doors. I know my first choice should be a solid rest free original, and I would really like to go that direction if at all possible, but being in Michigan it is not easy to find rust free panels. Shipping a complete door with glass and everything (how used is usually sold) is around $200 each from the west coast!

    I would like to know what other thought of doors from different distributors such as LMC, Classic Industries, Brothers, Goodmark, Sherman, Classic Part …. or even others. How are they for fit and finish and would you recommend using them. Or, if you have a line on some good original 1977-1991 doors let me know.
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    My experience with aftermarket doors was horrible. First gen anyway. The hinge bolt threads had to be cut out and rewelded in the proper location and the contour of the panels and body lines was off. I cut the tack welds for the skin and adjusted them and was able to make them fit but it was many hours. I'd say if you can find a line on OEM doors, they are worth more than double and worth the money just in the sense of time and labor savings.